Triumph Speed Triple

I have been riding for not far off 15 years now, and there have only really been a handful of bikes that I have continuously wanted to ride. The Honda SP-1 was one, which I owned. The Ducati 888 that sat on my wall as a kid is another. Then, there is the Triumph Speed triple 1050. 


My sport bike riding days are over through various body related reasons, but I still love the handling, the speed and the aggressive nature, so the obvious choice...a big sporty naked. Now while there are the offerings from BMW, Aprillia and KTM chasing the high numbers, they also fetch the high price tags, where as the very capable Speed Triple stays a little more reasonable.

So...whats it like to ride. 

Comfy. Very very comfy. The 2011 model I rode had the seat shaved a bit at the rear of the riders seat which, while making it easier for the midget who did it to mount the bike, it also makes almost a shelf in which to stop my ample arse from sliding up to the pillion seat, and with the way this bike delivers power, its needed. That lovely whine from the triple has a frankly awesome delivery of torque which manages to make the, compared to the big boys, minute 130something bhp seem like a decent amount more. 


Anywhere between 20-120mph is where this bike lives, and even better when pulling out of a corner. Stick on some sticky rubber, like the Continental ContiAttack Endurance(mouthful, I know), and you will be bothering sports bikes in no time whatsoever, although any decent straight and expect to see them come screaming back past you.


This, however, is where the real party piece comes in. Lumped onto the front end are some of the best brakes I have ever used. Radially mounted, 4-piston, 4-pad Brembos will defiantly see you diving back past that S1000RR into Agostinis. In fact, they seriously took me by surprise when I first tried them. Having not ridden a bike since September last year, and that being a mountain of a Harley Davidson, it is safe to say that I was out of practice. Even with that in mind, it took me a while before I got to grips with just how much stopping force is attached to your right hand.


The keen eyed amongst you may have noticed I didn't mention the rear brake....thats because it is basically not there. Worse than bad, only good for keeping you steady at a traffic light, and even then a mild radiant may see you rolling back. Even with braided lines all round, and sintered pads, it still falls way below par, though I am told its just how it is.

Motorway miles are very easy as well, with the position being comfortable enough to see out the 160miles to a tank fairly easily. Nice wide bars, but not intimidating when it comes to splitting lanes, and the bar end mirrors surprisingly work quite well. This model had been fitted with a small but useful fly screen that sees a comfortable cruising speed of about 90mph(on a closed course mind you).

All in, I am glad I got to ride this one. All too often, meeting your idol can turn out very badly, and although this isn't my number one bike of all time, it stays firmly in the top 3, and defiantly makes a convincing argument for the top spot as far as road bikes go.

Oh, and did I mention, this particular bike is mine.......