Bike Shed London show 2016

What a weekend. My Dad over from Florida, and not one, but two trips down to Tobacco dock for the Bike Shed show, 2016

So this was my second year showing my nose at this show with last year being my introduction to this side of motorcycles. Before then, I was all about sports bikes. I had a VTR SP-1, I loved a fairing shod speed machine, but the guys at Bike Shed set about changing that all under one roof, and this year just strengthened that love.

BSMC Lon16-11.jpg


I had decided to fork out the £10 extra and get a Press night ticket this year. In my head, it was the obvious choice. Clearer shots of the bikes, all the builders chatting and having a beer and the 'celeb' contingent would most likely attend that night......and thankfully I was 100% correct. 

BSMC Lon16-14.jpg
BSMC Lon16-2.jpg
BSMC Lon16-56.jpg

As soon as I got in, straight for the bar and grab a beer, and immediately the Down&Out CB750 caught my eye. Building one myself(kind of) I loved the lines of the seat, the huge front end, and that stunning paint. Almost as fast as I saw the CB, the DeBolex 749 caught my attention.

BSMC Lon16-15.jpg
BSMC Lon16-48.jpg

I had seen this bike as a stock, albeit totally naked, bike at the Malle Mile last year and loved it there, but what Callum and the boys did is nothing short of stunning. Even now, almost a week on, I keep noticing things in my images, small details of changes that look as though they had been there forever.

So many bikes, so little time. A great showing from Herald with a awesome, and cheap, tracker. The huge and nicely laid out Triumph area, watching dapper guys get dapper cuts from Thy Barbers and just being surrounded by awesome people, including the super friendly official BSMC photographer, Mihail Jershov, who took some stunners(check them out here)

BSMC Lon16-24.jpg
BSMC Lon16-51.jpg
BSMC Lon16-58.jpg

Friday was for me, for my shots etc, but I had also sorted tickets for Hannah and my Dad, and after a slight mishap with flights(just a costume rehearsal right Dad) we decided to go on Sunday.

BSMC Lon16-81.jpg

Up early and on the longest train to London I have ever been on, though not entirely boring with one genius trying to burn the carriage down with her straighteners, we were on our way to meet my Dad. I must add, he landed from Florida to Gatwick, drove to the translation and met us at the show. Thats hardcore...

BSMC Lon16-73.jpg

A great day of wandering, showing Hannah all the shiny bikes and Dad the differenced in UK custom culture vs American(Central Florida) custom culture, and I even managed to see a few new bikes and new things on bikes, like the oversized tank, 2-wheel drive KTM.

BSMC Lon16-45.jpg

Massive thank you to Dutch, Ross and everyone else involved in the planning and organisation of both this and the Paris show. Consistently amaze everyone with the strengths you guys all reach. A big shout out to all the builders that displayed and made me very sad and envious that I don't have a working bike, to all the vendors, food stalls, barbers, tattooists and everyone else that made it a great show.

BSMC Lon16-7.jpg
BSMC Lon16-79.jpg

Now I just need to find the money to get my project off the line....anyone want to build a bike for photography lessons?

BSMC Lon16-69.jpg

If you want to see the full gallery, you can check it out Here.....