Just a good weekend...

I'm a big advocate for getting out, exploring, and climbing mountains, but sometimes a quiet walk or 2 is just what is needed.


Next to no sleep and a body clock that insists wake-up time is 0630 leaves me very very tired. Something not even coffee can save, but this does give me a reason to get out early. With no idea of what to do, Hannah and myself decide to head for a awesome little spot called Padley Gorge in Derbyshire.

Now, the problem with that, is we were both very tired, and when I finally admitted I didn't know where I was going and we used the SatNav, it was still 1hr40min away. We had been driving for 35minutes already....time to think of something else. 

'We just passed Rutland...I used to be based right off the water!'....

'Whats there?'

'.....Water.......' . Rutland it was.


A very cloudy and windy day gave some very good conditions for windsurfers and the boat club, but not for anyone walking. As soon as we got to the Dam side of the reservoir, we were in direct line of fire of any and all spray, though it did mean dark moody skies as it was all picked up to be dumped on someone a little further north. If there is one thing I learnt from living in that area for 2+ years, it's that the lake has a weather system of its own, and that's usually rain.


A short and paced 5-6km walk and I took Hannah on a grand tour of the area before heading back down south, with a stop in at Godqmanchester for another quick walk. The thing I love about this time of year is that pretty much everything looks really good...like really, really good. 


After all that on Saturday, Sunday was a much more chilled affair with a lazy morning, a quick walk of the dogs, then to Hannahs sisters for dinner. 40 minutes spent making a single paper aeroplane and catching a keyring on a wooden hand later, I head off to be greeted with an absolute beauty of a sunset. 

I can help but feel that the Mondeo doesn't really do the scene justice, but I suppose you work with what you have!