MCN Festival of Motorcycles

That time of the year again! The sun is shining, the peaceful countryside hum is filled with screaming sport bikes and thudding cruisers. Oil changes done, Optimate disconnected and Europe's largest outdoor show kicks off. 

I used to go to this show years and years back, when it was run by the British Motorcycle Federation(BMF) but over the years it turned into an old mans club, a giant auto-jumble for people to sell their used rusty bike parts. Not exactly something for the masses.

Thankfully, MCN took over, and if last year was any sign of this year, it would be sun filled and awesome. New bikes and club stands aside, who doesn't love a bit of Brit on Yank Dirt Track competition, especially when they had Chris 'Stalker' Walker and former Moto-GP/WSB legend Colin Edwards!

So a last minute decision saw me and the girlfriend wandering up the A1 to Peterborough. Ques avoided by some on the spot web ordering, and we are in. Ducati, Suzuki, BMW, even smaller manufacturers like the very local Herald set up camp, though the Kawasaki stand was a little bit token effort...


Star of the show as far as the new kit was concerned was a split decision for me. Either, and this one is a bit obvious, the Triumph Thruxton R...


...Or, and this one is a little left field, the KTM Superduke GT. This one, I have fallen for. Comfy, can obviously tour with ease, but can hang with the best of them on a track day, and that


All in, was a good day, despite the showering with dirt we got when the dirt track noobs stood too close to the track at the wrong spot. Kind of a 'This is an awesome spot, why is it empty?', though in my defence, the shots turned out...though the other half wasn't as pleased in her dirt shower..