The most epic of all rides

Welcome to my blog. Mainly consisting of the stuff I do with personal work, and the occasional client based stuff. I have decided to start from today, and include no previous work, even if it was yesterday, this is for a few reasons, but all of them are very uninteresting, so shall leave them be.

So on to today. Having woken up far too early thanks to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his new clock app, and seeing thats it was, unlike the past 2 days, actually sunny, I decided to go for a bike ride. First stop: Houghton Mill.

Now I have lived in the area for quite a while, and been to Houghton Mill a fair few times, but today, I decided to go against all fibres in my being and read the notice board, and would you look at that, there was a circular route I had no idea about!

Off I wandered and I am so glad I decided to go this way. Not only did I find a very cool bridge/rocks/stream combo begging for a portrait shoot, but I also found a new train running route! Winner, I know, right!

With the low sun still rising, everything looked amazing. Glints peeking through trees, reflecting off the did I not know about this before!?!


2.5-3km round trip and I was back at my cycle and trying to decide where to go next. "Huntingdon isn't far from here, and I have been meaning to drop in to Herald cycles..."

This 'just a little further' was going to be the theme of the day. 

On route I started catching solid reflections in the puddles left from the overnight rain and, after various dog walkers passed, managed to catch a pretty good one. Again, I think a person might have really set this off, but so if the life of a solo explorer.


Popping in to Herald and having a look around, I am looking forward to working with them and the boys at BirotarUK in the future.

More 'just a bit further, saw me crossing the same set of rail lines about 7 times my way to being far too far from home.


Far too far being approx 30-35 miles. Having ridden a lot in the past, but not having ridden a lot in the recent past, means that my very narrow seat on my road race bike became very very uncomfortable. The last 15-20 miles was agony, with exhaustion and the heat added, made it all a bit much. 

Finally home, some 60-70 miles later, and although I am happy with the images, I don't think I will be going 'just a little further' any time soon...