Working with Herald Motor Co.

Some time earlier in the year I was introduced by the great guys at BirotarUK to some of the team from Herald. After a few talks, and a few visits to their HQ(which is about 15 mins from mine) I shot a few of their bikes ready for the Bike Shed show at Tobacco Dock.


Fast forward to a month or so ago, after a handful of talks back and forth, I got the opportunity to shoot a lifestyle session for their new line of t-shirts. An awesome day at a local (ish) wood block called Rowney Warren(also known as Chicksands for the 2 wheeled amongst you). 

Herald Merch 2016-37.jpg
Herald Merch 2016-69.jpg
Herald Merch 2016-89.jpg
Herald Merch 2016-49.jpg

While on that shoot, another of their new workshop was discussed and plans made to shoot that as well.


Fast forward to today, when Hannah and myself popped up the M1 to the N.E.C in Birmingham for the 2016 Motorcycle Live show(which will be a separate blog by itself) and we turn the corner just past KTM to see this...


Thats right. My work, in huge print, brochures,

Up until this point my work has been almost exclusively in a digital format, that is on Instagram, Facebook, Website etc. I have always maintained that work isn't truly finished until it is printed, which sadly these days isn't that often, but here it is. Taller than me and seen by several 10's of thousands of people over a week...words cannot begin to express how awesome this is. 


If ever I needed motivation, this is sure as hell it.

A huge thank you to Anni for being my point of contact on pretty much everything, Benn for being an average diva model, Jemma for being an absolute trooper on a freezing day. Tess for having the march admin on lockdown too.